What people are saying about The Superlative Stream:
  "Well written. Engaging. Wonderfully creative. And challenging. Try some Kerry Nietz fiction."

-- Gloria Clover 
"...hard science as a driver in the story combined with plenty of realistic scientific and technological speculation. Combining that with his use of hard theology...he gives us a thoroughly entertaining and satisfying read."

-- Paul Mastin (Reading Glutton)
"Nietz takes a hold of my imagination and begins to manipulate it, creating some of the most incredible images and fantastic thoughts, thoughts that move me to tears when I am reminded of the beauty of my faith."

-- Lydia (The Lost Entwife)
  "I liked this story as much as the first—maybe more so. The whole premise is wonderfully creative... Nietz has weaved an incredible tale and is sharing bits of data with us just when we need it. Fabulous science fiction! I can’t wait to read the next book."

-- Jill Williamson (Novel Teen Reviews)
"The Superlative Stream is another must-not-put-down by Kerry Nietz. I’m usually a cheapskate when it comes to buying niceties such as books, but when the next in the DarkTrench Saga comes out, I won’t wait for it to go on sale to buy it.

-- Kathrine Roid (Scribbling on the Computer)
"Nietz and his DarkTrench Saga remind me of C.S. Lewis and his Space Trilogy. It’s certainly not a book to be missed."

-- Josh Olds (The Christian Critic)
"...delves into fascinating theological and philosophical concepts in a dramatic and clear way, demonstrating some powerful truths about many things, including belief...six out of five, on all points. Go get it."

-- Jay Lauser (Sir Emeth Mimetes)
 "Mr. Nietz has created such a detailed world filled with tremendous imagination that rival the world of Gene Roddenberry! This is a series you do not want to miss out on! I give The Superlative Stream a 5 out of 5 stars and look forward to see what Kerry Nietz will come up with next."

-- Daniel L. Carter (ACMP)
  "I must again applaud Nietz’s style of writing—I found myself more immersed in the story than most any other, hovering over the characters’ shoulders the whole time. Watching them as Nietz drags them across space, time, land, and air..."

-- Nolan (GuyWithBook.com) 
"Once again I’m pleasantly surprised to find such depth and emotion within the pages of a hardcore sci-fi novel...this is science fiction like I’ve never experienced and Nietz proves again what a great talent he is."

- Jake Chism (FictionAddict)
"What held me captivated in The Superlative Stream? HardCandy’s story...genius manipulation of writing rules. I slip inside her mind and my heart stayed with HardCandy throughout the book."

- Diane Graham (Reviewer: New Authors Fellowship)
"I have a hard time calling this just a book. It is a masterful tale, woven with a different thread, and in colors mixed in a very unique way...Nietz continues to astound me. 'Five stars,' I say without hesitation."

- Noah Arsenault (Heavenward Reviews)
"It is a testament to Kerry's immediacy of writing that I was halfway through the book before I realized it was written in present tense. The story drew me in once again to a completely foreign way of thinking and living...Highly recommended..."

-- Grace Bridges (Splashdown Reviews)
"Nietz writes in a way that makes me wonder what the masters of the genre like Asimov and Heinlein might have written had they known A-A3...And The Superlative Stream also leads me to speculate what C.S. Lewis might have done differently with his Space Trilogy had he better understood the genre..."

-- Tim George (Unveiled)
"The story is engaging on many levels. When I went into this book, I honestly had no idea how this book would play out. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it...

-- John Otte (The Least Read Blog)
"Nietz...touches on the emotional disconnect that many people feel, and probes questions about our purpose as a species, as well as the futures of religion and faith. The search for truth is universal, and The Superlative Stream takes that search to the universe's edges, to the very places where the map ends."

-- Eric Wilson (Author: Fireproof, Field of Blood, A Shred of Truth, etc.)
"Nietz has made a bold sequel to his runaway hit, A Star Curiously Singing with his newest release, The Superlative Stream. It features the same sharp and edgy writing that places you immediately into the story and won't let go..."

-- Kirk Outerbridge (Author: Eternity Falls)

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