What people are saying about Frayed:
  "Frayed is a deep, intense and dark novel that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat and biting your nails. I really liked ThreadBare, he is a complete character and his development was intense yet very believable...simply too good to explain! It is brilliant."

-- Rabia Tanveer (Readers Favorite reviewer) 
"I am already looking forward to the continuation of this new series and anticipate its dovetailing with the Sandfly's adventures in the DarkTrench trilogy."

-- Paul Mastin (Reading Glutton)
"Fans of the DarkTrench saga will be pleased to return to that same, dystopian future Earth. New to these books and not sure what to think? The book that started it all, A Star Curiously Singing, is free on most ebook platforms."

-- Janet Sketchley
"I was looking forward to another trip to the author’s extraordinary hi-tech future world run by powerful Imams. I wasn’t disappointed."

-- Pete Barber
"I confess: I'm hooked and will pick up the rest of this series as it comes out. If you like Science Fiction, these two series will capture your imagination. Five stars!."

-- Susan Reinhardt (Author: The Moses Conspiracy)

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