What people are saying about Freeheads:
"Nietz concludes his DarkTrench Saga in a wonderful way, bringing the storyline to a satisfying close—both in plot and message."

-- Josh Olds (Life is Story) 
  "While the story is very entertaining it has so much more to offer. There is a strong message in this book, a message you will not want to miss. I love this series! You won't want to miss this one."

-- Anne Boling (Readers Favorite reviewer) 
  "Freeheads finishes The DarkTrench Saga superbly, showcasing both the lies of its worlds and the myths of those who claim all Christian science fiction is subpar."

-- E. Stephen Burnett 
"I love the spiritual depth in these books. I love how so much of the details of story must be delved for... The Dark Trench Saga from Marcher Lord Press by Kerry Nietz. I recommend them all."

-- Gloria Clover 
  "...I read it over spring break – no, actually.. I devoured it over spring break. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading Freeheads and loved every single moment of it. There was so much character development that happened over the span of the previous books and everything just came together well in this finale."

-- Lydia (The Lost Entwife)
"I read a lot. I find a lot of books I enjoy, and I’m not stingy with my five star reviews, but books like this make me consider that maybe I need to be, because books such as this really belong in a different category all together."

-- Shawna Williams (Author: No Other, In All Things, Orphaned Hearts)
"With his DarkTrench saga, Nietz shows his skill as a captivating writer, adept at conveying a fast-moving story with thoughtful spiritual reflection and an imaginative view of the near future."

-- Paul Mastin (Reading Glutton)
"This cyber-fiction series was full of thought-provoking invention and absorbing speculation, and I found Freeheads downright haunting, hard to put down."

-- Kathy Tyers (Author: Wind and Shadow, Star Wars: Truce at Bakura,etc.)
"...it's a thrilling, deeply intelligent and deeply spiritual journey through a future that is all too real. Nietz does a fantastic job of creating characters, settings, futuristic dialogue, and a fitting conclusion to one of my favorite trilogies."

-- Eric Wilson (Author: Fireproof, Field of Blood, A Shred of Truth, etc.)

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