What people are saying about Amish Zombies from Space:
  "No matter how you slice it, Kerry Nietz has produced yet another fascinating read...it seems that he left the door open for another Amish book after this one. I’m not sure what horror trope he’ll put in a bonnet next. Werewolves? Mermaids? Torgo? But whatever it is, I’ll be there to read it, no doubt about it."

--John Otte
"...Nietz turns the zombie cliche on its head (in a way that I won't go into in the interest of not giving away spoilers. . . .). Amish Zombies is solid sci-fi with well-written action scenes and a great story."

--Paul Mastin (Reading Glutton)
"These stories are about zombies and vampires and some characters who happen to be Amish. If you think you are going to have religion shoved in your face and preached to about God and the bible, you will be wrong...PICK UP THESE BOOKS. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!"

-- Angela Pratt (I Feel the Need, the Need to Read)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed Amish Zombies from Space, as well as its predecessor. They are fun, quirky, and yet still true to both of the genres they pull from. I would recommend them to mature readers. Mr. Nietz has done his research and his characters are full of life and true to their heritage. A commendable feat!"

-- Kersyn  (Bitten by Books Reviews)
"Well written, great plot twists, clever use of technology, it’s actually a story of how a conservative religious culture is forced to deal with major shocks to their view of the universe. Faith and technology don’t have to be at war, only our interpretation of how they should interact."

-- Joe Courtemanche
"[Nietz] chose to tell a rollicking tale that at the end made me cry and will please everybody who likes stories of endurance, family, and the big questions of life."

-- Lelia Rose Foreman (Author of The Shatterworld trilogy)

"I heartily recommend this series to anyone who loves thoughtful science fiction mixed with a fun adventure and some monsters for good measure."

-- Adam Collings 

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