What people are saying about Amish Vampires in Space:
"I don’t think I’ve ever given a book five stars on this website, but I do not hesitate to do so with AViS. This truly is a great book. Just get it and read it already, will ya?"

-- Abidemi Sanusi (ReadyWriterMag.com)
  "Imagine my surprise when I found myself reading an awesome SciFi story. Being of Amish decent myself, I’m drawn to stories about them, the author did justice to the way of life while offering up appropriate chills associated with vampires. A definite must read for tried and true SciFi lovers like me."

-- Jen Rattie (The Crafty Cauldron)
  "I had zero problems with this story. I loved it. It was a great science fiction book that just so happened to have Amish people in it. If you like science fiction, stories about space, and aliens, and vampires, and space travel, you will like this book... Take a walk on the wild side. You will be glad you did. I am."

-- Angela Pratt (I Feel the Need, the Need to Read)
"The plotting throughout this book was brilliant, as well as excellently paced.  I always wanted to know what was going to happen next, without being left on the hook for so long that I got bored and no longer cared.  I didn't think that all these variables - Amish, Vampires, Space  - could fit together so well.  But they did."

-- Michelle Hawley (The Book Heist)
  "The read was fast, the writing sharp and easy on the eye, the characters all worked and made sense. Tension was maintained right to the end. I can’t believe I’m typing this, but—I highly recommend Amish Vampires in Space."

-- Pete Barber (BigAl's Books and Pals)
"Yes the Amish in space fighting vampires is a strange idea to be sure, but it’s cleverly done so as not to insult the reader with just another botched attempt at trying to blend together fiction genres."

-- Christian (ChristianReview.com)
"This was a real page-turner that encouraged me to think of how I view those I disagree with...a terrific and actually realistic premise. I highly recommend this book."

-- Timothy Stone (on SpeculativeFaith.com)
"The action and suspense is VERY good. How the pacifistic Amish and the besieged space guilders have to deal with a vampiric menace makes for a page-turner. But it’s a page-turner with stuff to say, and it respects faith traditions..."

-- Mirta Schultz
"I was pleasantly surprised to find the book to be highly thought-provoking, with a solid plot and well-developed characters. Jebediah, in particular, is a highly likable protagonist with the courage to do what is right rather than what is easy."

-- Si Ning Yeoh (Readers' Favorite)

"A sign of a great author is one who creates a character that you have strong feelings for, whether for or against, and Mr. Nietz has succeeded in this. These characters, though thrown into situations they would not normally find themselves in, conduct themselves the way you would expect."

-- Kersyn  (Bitten by Books Reviews)
"I know it sounds silly, but it was a really great story.  I even cried at one part!  It's a long book as well, but it reads easily...read it anyway because, come on, how amusing would it be to tell people that you're reading Amish Vampires in Space?"

-- J. Hooligan (Platypire Reviews)
"Kerry uses this seemingly outlandish story to tackle some very serious topics, such as the clash of cultures or how far pacifism should go before it becomes the very evil you’re trying to avoid. And all of this is wrapped up in a science fiction adventure that blew my mind when I read it."

-- Author John Otte
  Reader Adam Collings posted a fun second review of Amish Vampires in Space, this time in video form. Click link here to view it.

  "This is a great novel. There are clashes of worldview. Conflicts within both the ranks of the Amish and the space-farers. Explorations of rules versus grace. And, of course, lots and lots of vampires to worry about."

Nathan James Norman
"This book is well done and entertaining. It tackles some biblical problems with Amish beliefs, such as pacifism, good works and obedience to man-made rules versus God’s grace for salvation, and living in extreme separation from the world...I highly recommend Amish Vampires in Space."

Marissa Shrock
"You can keep Twilight – I’ll take Amish Vampires in Space...I read it in a few days. It was fun, witty, great characters, great use of technology, and a timeless story of how we have to consider our beliefs in light of change that threatens our lives."

-- Joe Courtemanche
"'Does the thing being reviewed do what it sets out to do?' In this case, it is a resounding 'Yes!' I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a slightly light-hearted sci-fi thriller."

-- Bryan Green
"If you like science-fiction mixed with a little horror and some humor (the vampire goat cracked me up) you should like this thrilling tale of Amish Vampires in Space."

-- Lelia Rose Foreman (Author of The Shatterworld trilogy)
"The end result is a well-written space opera fantasy complete with good plot development and suspenseful, heart-stopping action. In addition, I loved the themes of death juxtaposed with hope, redemption and new life."

-- Dona Watson (Fantasy & Faith)
"I’ve seen everything but this title from Marcher Lord Press, a publisher specializing in Christian fantasy and sf, takes the prize for the best title and cover of 2013."

(While not reviews, per se, AViS has been mentioned by Library journal on multiple occasions. View them here, and here.)

"[AViS] was also quite a thrill ride. The tension kept building up and up until it was finally released... is a serious exploration of cultures, and scientific ethics and faith. I heartily recommend it."

-- Adam Collings 

  "I really enjoyed this book. *shrugs* If you like any of these genres, I’d recommend you give it a shot. I mean it. The book is worth the read!"

-- Lori Twichell (Fiction Addict)
"Go ahead, laugh at the title, Kerry won't mind.  But after you judge the book by its cover, give the story a chance.  You won't be disappointed."

-- Paul Mastin (Reading Glutton)
"Amish Vampires in Space is perfect for sci-fi or horror fans. But it’s also a great jump-in place to the world of speculative fiction for Amish fiction lovers, or readers of more conventional Christian fiction."

-- Lisa Godfrees

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