What people are saying aboutA Star Curiously Singing:
"This writer did a great job of putting together a story that keeps the reader involved and interested. Until the end I wasn’t totally sure how it would all work out. That’s one of the marks of a good book: you want to read through to the end."

-- Jeanette (Counting By 12s)
"It followed me through the week, and in a fantastic way, the story has become part of me. It’s nestled down between the joint and the marrow of my bones. I can hardly wait to continue my adventure with Sandfly in The Superlative Stream and Freeheads."

-- Michelle Black (The Christian Manifesto)
"A Star Curiously Singing is a fast read, with twists, turns, humour, faith and danger. It’s a good story, and Sandfly really makes the novel for me. He’s an engaging character with a distinctive voice."

-- Janet Sketchley (speculative, sporadic… and slightly odd)
"This is not a second-rate, knock-off imitation sci-fi novel, but the real deal. Nietz creates a believable, if a little scary, near-future earth, incorporates creative technological ideas, and introduces likable characters in an engaging story..."

-- Paul Mastin (Reading Glutton)
"This book is sci-fi greatness. Every word transports you to the future, and even the POV style separates you from our temporal normalcy. I highly recommend it to any sci-fi or thriller fan. Thank you Kerry for giving me a great read while I was on vacation."

-- Keven Newsome  (New Authors' Fellowship)
 "A  Star Curiously Singing is every bit an Excellent novel. The great thing about it is that Nietz makes it clear that this is just the beginning for Sandfly and I, for one, am certainly looking forward to reading more of The Dark Trench Saga in the sequel, The Superlative Stream."

-- Steve Wilson (Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy Review)
"...I also found it refreshing in a book set in a technological society that the action is driven by character, not technology...I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series..."

-- Celtic Frog Reviews
"Just one chapter, I told myself. Just to see what it’s about. Yeah right. I read it in one sitting, sacrificing much-needed sleep on the altar of great storytelling."

-- Josh Olds (The Christian Critic)
"A Star Curiously Singing left me with a longing for more of this strange new world and a curiosity for the singing star (I suspect the latter of which was the goal). Kerry Nietz has sufficiently stolen my attention with his debut novel."

-- Kathrine Roid (Scribbling on the Computer)
"I found myself compelled to keep the pages turning as I was transported into the mind of a debugger. How that happened given I'm a freehead is puzzling but I digress. A Star Curiously Singing is one of the most original stories I've read. I recommend this book for young adults and adults with a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Kerry Nietz is in the same science fiction league as Michael Crichton!."

-- Daniel L. Carter (ACMP)  
  "The deeper you go into the book the deeper the immersion becomes: it never really stops. I love it."

-- Jay Lauser (Sir Emeth Mimetes)  
"The voice of these novels is what really grabbed me. The plot is awesome, the characterization top-notch...the pacing, descriptions, everything, no complaints. Spot on. The voice, mind-blowing..."

-- Kat Heckenbach (Finding...)  
"I finished the book today, and I was immediately overcome with the urge to buy the second book, The Superlative Stream...."

-- Nolan (GuyWithBook.com) 

"But as time has passed (I read it several months ago), I’ve come to love this book. This is one of those books I’ve been talking about every chance I get. The story is brilliant, and very well done."

-- Hannah (Word Lily)

"I was blown away by the story, by the message of faith... Although A Star Curiously Singing did not win the INSPY award, it was one of my favorites to win and I’m here to tell you that as a Christian and a sci-fi fan, this is a book worth owning."

 -- Lydia (The Lost Entwife)   

"Every time I had a free moment (or could make one by leaving the dishes in the sink) I went back to reading. The writing is magnetically engaging, Sandfly a deep and complex character, the storyworld fascinating...."

-- Morgan L. Busse (...in darkness, there is light...)  

"The first 50 pages or so were a blur to me as I was trying to piece together the science fictional world where the story takes place. By the end of the story I was engrossed and I plan on reading the sequels that will follow in this series."

-- Tyler Squire (Tyler's Booklist) 
"The more I think about A Star Curiously Singing, the more I like it. It does something that most Christian books do not. It breaks away from the mold...[the message] will stick with me for years to come..."

-- Diane Graham (Reviewer: New Authors Fellowship)
"Kerry also does an incredible job of employing the first-person present-tense perspective to craft this tale with a unique voice that really makes this book a joy to read. You really get to feel like you know Sandfly as he tells his story...If you haven't read this book yet, go read it now!"

-- Stuart Stockton (Author: Starfire)
"A Star Curiously Singing is a jewel among speculative fiction. It takes a marvelous idea (the stream) and makes it modern technology...It portrays the concept of “new birth” very accurately...Overall, this book is a five-star wonder!"

-- Noah Arsenault (Heavenward Reviews)
  "I read an occasional sci-fi/fantasy book, but it's not usually my favorite genre. But I loved, loved, loved this book...I highly recommend this book even for readers who don't usually read this genre."

-- Lena Nelson Dooley (Author/Speaker/Reviewer)
"...is about as inventive and thought provoking a piece of Science Fiction (any fiction for that matter) I have come across in a long time."

-- Tim George (Unveiled)
"Nietz has done a wonderful job creating a compelling and richly realized new world...A Star Curiously Singing is a quick and easy read, yet a compelling and intriguing novel...I put down Ender's Shadow for this book..."

-- Matthew Rodgers (Vernacular Catholic)
"...the most unique thing I’ve read in a long time. It took me a bit to get into the flow of the futuristic and sarcastic voice of the main character, but once I did, I didn’t want to stop reading...I found this novel deep and intriguing and totally creative."

-- Jill Williamson (Novel Teen Reviews)
"This year there were some great spec-fic books released, so we couldn't pick just ten. Christian Fiction Blog has picked twelve of our best reads for 2009 below..."

-- Dee S. Labels (Christian Fiction Blog)
  "No, you're not seeing things. And, yes, I'm recommending a Sci-Fi title...by the end of Chapter 1, I found myself rooting for the main character, Sandfly, a human with a special brain implant..."

-- Susan J. Reinhardt (Christian Writer/Reader Connection)
"...impresses with his world-building, while never overwhelming us with too many details. He gives us enough to believe, and believe fully...this novel is further proof that, in the right hands, any genre can be used as an entertaining means of exploring deeper truths."

-- Eric Wilson (Author: Fireproof, Field of Blood, A Shred of Truth, etc.)
"A Star Curiously Singing resonates with me the way Asimov did. Its social issues are carefully considered, informing the sci-fi plot. In the grand tradition of science fiction, the story turns on societal worldview...I am so refreshed to see a revival of the grand tradition of author speaking to reader, done in a futuristic way..."

-- C.L. Dyck (Scita > Scienda)
  "Sandfly’s distinctive voice helps make an alien world feel real and provides a strong connection point to him as a character...a satisfying ending that still leaves room to anticipate the coming sequel."

-- Sarah Sawyer (Novel Reviews)
"...I also like how the Christian element in the novel - since this is a Christian novel, after all - came out, not too preachy, just subtly....I'm looking forward now to the next book in this series!"

-- Reneé Le Vine 
"I found that the first-person viewpoint in Nietz’ book immediately drew me into the story...the book went by so fast and I wasn’t through with the story. Must…read…more..."

-- Dona Watson (fantasyandfaith.com)
"Nietz has taken many standard sci-fi tropes...and put his own twist on them. In addition, he's pulled off something I haven't seen in a long time - a truly original way of revealing the truth about God in a world that doesn't know Him. It's highly creative and somewhat inspiring. Highly Recommended."

-- Christian Fiction Review
"A Star Curiously Singing...is a delightful story written with a refreshingly unique style. It takes a couple of chapters to become comfortable with that style - but the story then becomes compelling - a page-turner."

-- J. G. Lawry (on Amazon)
"This book is worth reading for the stylized writing alone, but add to that the unique dystopian future and the angst ridden protagonist of Sandfly and you have a religiously charged cyberpunk story that will keep you reading way past your bed time."

-- Kirk Outerbridge (Author: Eternity Falls)
"This may be one of the most unusual books I've picked up this year. Events proceed surely and steadily, but are absolutely gripping. Who could have imagined that a story about fixing a robot could be so completely engrossing?"

-- Grace Bridges (Splashdown Reviews)
"I really enjoyed this book. Nietz puts together a very intricate world with its own terminology, rules, and mores and employs it effectively."

-- John Otte (The Least Read Blog)

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