December 12, 2017

The pre-order page for the collaborative novella, Just Dumb Enough, is officially open.

Here's what coauthor Steve Rzasa had to say about the book:

"Five years ago, Jeff Gerke gathered seven of his Marcher Lord Press authors for an ambitious project: to write a novella together, with the authors taking turns providing episodes of a continuous story using the same characters.

"On Jan. 1, 2018, we seven -- Morgan L. Busse, John W. Otte, Kerry Nietz, Steve Rzasa, Marc Schooley, Stuart Vaughn Stockton, Jill Williamson – will publish an updated version of that novella called Just Dumb Enough.

"Join famed archer Barzillai Broadhead as he leads an intrepid band of (mostly) heroic souls on a quest to rid the land of a dark curse."

Aside from the fun of writing Just Dumb Enough, another thing I love about it is that we intend to split the profits between a scholarship fund for the Realm Makers writers conference we all attend, and a mobile bookstore being run by that same conference. (Find out more about those here.)

The pre-order page for Just Dumb Enough is here. (Paperback and eBook versions release January 1st!)

September 3, 2017

Just learned that Frayed was a silver medal winner in the Readers' Favorite Award contest (Christian Science Fiction Category). It also was awarded a 5-star review by organization's reviewer, Rabia Tanveer.

I'm honored that the Readers Favorite folks like Frayed as much as they liked the earlier DarkTrench series. I'm also happy that, so far, all the contests I entered the book in (Readers Favorite, Indie Awards, and Realm Awards) have chosen to recognize it in one form or another. That means a lot.

For the list of Readers Favorite winners, go here.  To read Rabia's review of Frayed, go here. (And for more reviews of Frayed, go here.)

August 30, 2017

Since returning from Realm Makers, I've been involved with two fun book-related projects.

The first is a mobile bookstore that will travel to comic cons and home schooling conventions around the country, and feature books by some of the Realm Makers authors. Since my books have proven to be favorites among the attendees, the organizer—Scott Minor—is specifically interested in featuring them in the mobile store.

Consequently, I'm headed to Salt Lake City Comic Con next month to help with the store and sign books! Scott could use some help with the costs, so if this is an idea you'd like to see succeed, you can donate to it here.

The other prject, dreamed up by voice talent Randy Streu, was to produce an audio version of Amish Vampires in Space. This is no simple audio book he wants to create, but a full featured audio drama, with different actors for each character, top notch sound effects, professional editing / mastering, and music.

Wouldn't that be cool?

To help raise money for that effort, Randy started a gofundme page too. Click here to check that out and contribute. Any little bit helps! 

July 28, 2017

Frayed won not only the Realm Science Fiction genre category, but also was chosen Book of the Year. It was a surprising honor. There were a lot of amazing books in the running, written by people I truly respect and admire. Some of them I've known throughout my writing career. (For the list of esteemed finalists, go here. And buy their books!) The awards were announced at the Realm Makers conference awards banquent.

In many ways, Frayed was a product of Realm Makers, so it is an appropriate winner. It was edited by Nadine Brandes and had cover art by Kirk DouPonce. One of the beta readers was Realmie Lisa Godfrees, and the short story "ThreadBare" that inspired it, was edited by Avily Jerome and was printed in Ben Wolf's Havok Magazine

So, thanks to God for the opportunity and the inspiration, and to all my Realm Maker friends for the parts they played. Couldn't be happier.  

July 27-29, 2017

For the fourth year in a row, I attended the Realm Makers conference. It was an amazing time of connecting, learning, encouraging, and mentoring. I made new friends, met some friends in person for the first time, and got reaquainted with old ones. Here's some highlights in pictures:

Breakfast with authors Stuart Stockton, Steve Rzasa, and Mike Duran, and cover artist Kirk DouPonce

Dinner with authors Morgan Busse, Jill Williamson (and husband Brad), Paul Regiier, Stuart Stockton, Steve Rzasa, and John Otte

Me and authors Jim Rubart and Mary Christine Weber

Me as a Founding Father, and Wolverine and Storm.

Friends Lacy and Stephen Burnett of Lorehaven

Steve Rzasa as an Agent of Shield, Jill and Brad Williamson as Starlord and Gamora, and John Otte as a middle aged Peter Parker

Author Paul Regnier as Tony Stark

An impressive crew

Me and someone dressed as Ted Dekker

  May 20, 2017

Frayed was named a Finalist in the Science Fiction category for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Unfortunately, it wasn't the winner in that category, but it is an honor to see the judges thought enough of ThreadBare's story to list it among the best.

You can read more about the Indie Book Awards here

March 21, 2017

I'm honored that the first book in the DarkTrench Shadow series, Frayed, has been chosen as a finalist for the Realm award this year. It is joined by a handful of books by some of my talented author friends, including Steve Rzasa, Jill Williamson, Joshua Johnston, Amy Brock McNew, and Morgan Busse.

Last year, Amish Zombies in Space took home the genre prize for the Supernatural / Horror category in the Realm Award, with The Mermaid's Sister (a YA novel by Carrie Anne Noble) taking the top honor. So, I'm excited to be in the running again.

The winners will be announced at the Realm Makers conference in Reno in late July of this year.

For the full list of finalists, go here. And for more on the associated conference, go here.


February 1, 2017

Last year, one of the architects of Takamo Universe, Randy Ritnour, contacted me about possibly writing a story in their universe. Takamo Universe is an upcoming MMU game that has its beginnings in a play-by-mail game from decades ago. Consequently, the charcters and environs of that universe are vast...like Star Wars vast. It has thousands of years of history, dozens of alien species, and hundreds of civilization, governments, and corporations all vying for dominance.

It is nearly overwhelming.

Thankfully, we were able to carve out a tiny section where I could stomp around, and an alien species that would be fun for me to travel with. Specifically, the large mammalian rat-like species known as "mutos" or  "rhats".

And now, that story, entitled Rhats! is available for purchase, along with a half dozen other independent stories set in the Takamo Universe.

You can find more information about Takamo and the books here and here. And for information on Rhats! itself, go here.


January 1, 2017

I'm happy to announce that my short story, Graxin, has found a new home among some stellar science fiction stories. Previously, that story was only available in the Marcher Lord Press collection, Ether Ore, but when Enclave pulled the plug on that anthology, the story--a personal favorite--was unavailable.

That's why I was hopeful when I heard that Bear Publications was looking for "the best" science fiction written by Christians. I sent them the story and they found it worth. I'm delighted and honored.

And now Mythic Orbits 2016 is available. For more information on where you can find it, go here.


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