How you can help:
Word of mouth sells books. In fact, it sells lots of books—by some estimates 80% of book sales come from someone else's recommendation. That's a lot of potential power, huh?

So how can you use your energies to build a whirlwind of public opinion?

First off, if you haven't done so already, please join my Facebook fan page. That way you can know what's going on with the series and keep in touch with me. Also, feel free to use my Contact page if you have any additional questions. Now on with specific ways you can help...

How to help while sitting at your desk.

Write a book review for my book to post on your blog, website, online bookstores, and online book review sites. You don’t have to give a detailed analysis of the book, just write what you thought.

Post your review on any of the following, with preference to those sites that sell books.


How to help when you go out.

* Since word of mouth is so important, simply starting conversations about my books will help. Tell your family and friends: "Hey, I just read the coolest thing..." Also, consider giving a copy as a present to someone who might enjoy it.

Recommend the book for a book club. All of my books touch on subjects ripe for vivid discussion: freedom and slavery, mind control, artificial life, space travel, the nature of God. To help make your case, I have questions already made up: ASCS and TSS

* Request that your local library (or school library) stock the book if they don’t already have it. Most libraries honor patron’s requests. Print out some of the reviews from those listed on my reviews page and take those with you.

* Suggest that your local bookstore order some copies. Tell them why you liked it and show them the reviews if necessary.

* Distribute my bookmark business cards. Most bookstores, libraries, and gift shops are happy to have freebies on their counters. You can also post one on public bulletin boards. If you’d like some bookmarks, email me and I’ll mail you some.

* Prison ministries and juvenile detention centers are often looking for books to distribute. Consider donating a copy. Google groups like Prison Book Project to see if there is one near you.
How to help where you worship.

* Ask your church library to carry a copy of the book.

* If you have a bookstore in your church, see if they'll order copies. Or barring that, see if they'd like free bookmarks for their sales counter.

* Give bookmarks to people you know and tell them about the book.

Thanks for your help in spreading the word about my book!

If you still have questions, fell free to contact me.