The DarkTrench Saga: A Star Curiously Singing
Paperback:  310 pages
If he fixes the robot, will he break his world?

…the year is 2000…AH

Earth, hundreds of years in the future, when much of the world is living under sharia law. It is a dualistic society, where the average human plies the streets in squalor while the rich and powerful ride the strings—the cables—far above them. These latter Masters are so shrouded in technology that they need specialized debuggers—implanted and controlled techno-slaves—to manage their machines for them.

Sandfly is a debugger. A connected man. Via the stream he can hear the songs of millions of machines, down to the microscopic level. And fix them. That’s his job, his duty. It guarantees a place for him in Paradise. He has little choice in the matter, however. Aside from providing access to the stream’s vast storehouse of knowledge, his implant ensures Sandfly’s strict obedience. 

For Sandfly, no job is different than any other, until he is assigned the mystery of a bot’s destruction.

The catch? The bot has been to space. Deep space.

Space makes Sandfly extremely nervous.

But that is the least of his problems…

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